Welcome to Sharp Drill Bits

Welcome to Sharp Drill Bits

Welcome to Sharp Drill Bits – et professional results with this simple, easy to use tool.
Old or dull drill bits cut like new again with the help of E-Z Sharp.
-No twisting
-No turning
-No guessing
-Simple to use
-Inexpensive to own

Just one simple grinding motion. This is one accessory that should be in every craftsman’s tool set! Sharpens twist drill bits from 1/16″ to 1″ in diameter…any length or shank style. poker99

What it does
The E-Z Sharp is an affordable, easy-to-use tool that turns drill bit sharpening into a simple task-not a complicated procedure. The E-Z Sharp quickly attaches to the tool rest of your grinder with a small c-clamp. When drill sharpening is finished, simply remove the tool and your grinder is readily available for other uses. https://www.macaupoker99a.com/

After hundreds of hours of experiment and testing, the E-Z Sharp was perfected. It filled the gap in drill maintenance that has existed since the twist drill was invented. It is simple to use, performs well, and can accommodate a wide range of drill bit sizes (1/16″ to 1″), with no limit to length or shank style. E-Z Sharp is a very affordable alternative to the more expensive, commercial grade drill bit sharpeners on the market that may be out of reach to the hobbyist, handyman or smaller shops. poker 99

How it works
1.The E-Z Sharp is designed to be mounted with it’s leading edge parallel to the tool rest on your grinder. This allows the operator to properly position the drill bit against the grinding wheel to restore the 59 degree drill point to the bit. idn poker88

A sharper or blunter point can be obtained by simply changing the angle at which the E-Z Sharp is mounted to the grinder.
2.Except when using the v-notch, hold the drill bit to be sharpened in the bottom right hand corner of the channel selected in step one. The cutting lip must be kept horizontal at all times. idnpoker

-Cast of high quality aluminum alloy in a compact easy to store size (4-1/2″ x 5″).
-No Moving Parts to break or wear out.
-Permits Sharpening on the periphery of the grinding wheel.
-Simple to attach and remove from your grinder using a small c-clamp.
-Accommodates a wide range of twist drill bit sizes (1/16″ to 1″). no limit to shank length or style. idn poker 88
-Easy to use. No twisting, no turning, no guessing. Just one simple upward movement of the drill point is all that is required.
-Built-in scale and gauge, always handy to check your work. idn poker
-Allows your grinder to become a multi-purpose sharpening tool. Perfect for grinding a sharp, centered point on any scribe, punch or awl.
-Salvaging just a few drill bits will save you more than the cost of E-Z Sharp.